Ham Radio

S1E2 - Robo Parents & Hot Chocolate (Episodes 1 + 2)

April 20, 2021

Ham-ha! Welcome to the very first episode of Ham Radio! Gary and Mal are joined by their special guest and network pod-pal, Tyler from the RadIsh podcast! Together, they discuss Episodes 1 and 2 of the show, robot-parent conspiracies, hot chocolate, hamster density and ooh.....Travis...... :o)

Your Hosts: Gary (he/they) @sukurimi Mal (she/they) @otabekvoice Tyler (he/him) @tylerfromradish, @radishpod

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Ham-ha! (That's ham-chat for "Hello!") You found our clubhouse! Welcome to Ham Radio, a Hamtaro watch-along podcast brought to you by Gary, Mal and their rotating cast of special guests. Grab some sunflower seeds, look out for pesky cats, and meet back here to listen to us talk about the cutest anime ever to hit Toonami!